Edge Protection


Self-supporting acrylic protection with 2 enveloping sides. Made with 3/16”(4.5mm) clear acrylic. The 2 sides of 87′ wide add additional protection. A standard 16”x5” passage space at the bottom for easy document transfer. Create a physical barrier between employees and customers to contain contamination.


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Edge plexiglass protection allows people on either side of a counter to communicate, avoiding contamination. This plexiglass anti-postilion protection panel allows essential businesses such as pharmacies, convenience stores, food retail businesses to slow the spread. This protection is removable and can be placed on counters, reception desks or on simple desks.

In the public professional environment, employees are more exposed than others to the risks of contamination. This straight countertop plexiglass protection has a hygienic role to prevent the projection of microbes or pathogenic germs.

In a pandemic period, enveloping plexiglass counter protection is essential! This removable enveloping plexiglass protection forms a barrier against viruses and bacteria, and thus prevents the risks of transmission and contamination.

Why choose our products :

  • Pass-through: Opening at the bottom of the protective panel to pass documents, small objects or change
  • Very good stability of the plexiglass protection
  • Reduces the risk of contamination
  • Protects against splashes
  • 17x more impact resistant than glass
  • Help with social distancing during a pandemic
  • Respect for confidentiality
  • Minimum moisture absorption
  • Made in Quebec in our workshop in Montreal


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24 x 36 x 7 in
60,96 x 91,44 x 17.78cm

30 x 36 x 7 in
76,2 x 91,44 x 17.78cm

36 x 36 x 7 in
91,44 x 91,44 x 17.78cm

48 x 36 x 7 in
121.92 x 91.44 x 17.78cm


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